Bullying & Harassment: Can Mediation Help?

Join us for a CMC Conference this week on 28th June – “Bullying and Sexual Harassment: Can mediation help?” – for an in-depth and interactive look at the resolution of these most potentially confrontational and high-profile allegations and hear about alternative options for addressing them swiftly and discreetly in the way least damaging to both the business and the people concerned.

We have highlighted the biography pages for many of the speakers at our conference in our newsletter, alongside an excellent lead article on the subject in HR magazine.

It’s easy to understand why this issue is now being taken seriously. Acas recently revealed that bullying and harassment in the workplace is costing employers up to £18bn per year. An impact on workplace morale and productivity has been felt by nearly 75% of workers. Harassment in the workplace has never had a higher priority than it does now, with many employers introducing measures expressly designed to encourage the reporting of potentially inappropriate behaviours. How will you handle such a complaint?

This conference is aimed at anyone with an interest in dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace, including HR professionals, team leaders/managers, senior executives/directors, wellbeing officers, consultants, trade union and employee representatives and in-house legal departments.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions

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