Working across the UK, USA, Europe, AsiaPac and Australia, Sheridan Resolutions prides itself on delivering outstanding results across the globe.

Our purpose is to maximise potential, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their people at all levels of the organisation, the prerequisite to genuine transformation by helping clients with:


supporting leaders at all levels to be their best.


driving individual and collective excellence.


building self-awareness and maximising potential.


nurturing and repairing professional relationships at work.

We work closely with our clients to really understand their needs, and use our expertise to help them work through their challenges.

We meticulously select both the tools best suited to the needs of the individuals, whether 360-degree feedback, psychometric testing or surveys, and the people who are to deliver the programme or coaching assignment.

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New Sheridan Whitepaper on Coaching through Change!

We recent...

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New Sheridan Whitepaper on Coaching through Change!

We’re delighted to showcase our whitepaper on Coaching through Change. We recently launched…

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