Taking Control of Your Taps by Marie Coombes

Taking Control of Your Taps  By Marie Coombes As you're reading this article, how are you feeling? Are you feeling relaxed and in control? Do you feel optimistic about your day, your workload, your personal life? Or do you instead feel overwhelmed or that things are moving beyond your control?  If you answered yes to the second

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Restoring the humanity to Human Resources

Restoring the humanity to Human Resources By David Clutterbuck and Caroline Sheridan DOWNLOAD PDF HERE   Even a casual glance at geo-politics tells us that the world has a vast leadership deficit. As many as half of the world’s population live in countries led by sociopaths (perhaps more).   Human Resources can’t be blamed for the ascendance of

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Sheridan Resolutions March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter.  It's grey and damp outside but we can still see the first signs of Spring and for many in our world there are both personal and professional reasons to be optimistic for the year ahead.  It may even be possible to go on holiday somewhere warm! 2021

Sheridan Social 2020 – Celebrating A Year Of Success

The 2020 Sheridan Social was a great success. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Great discussions on the theme of: • Belonging & inclusion • Mentalhealth and wellbeing • Teams and leadership Our thanks to Helen May, Shannon Cassidy, Mark Mulligan, Catherine de la Poer, William Winstone, Lee Mears for leading stimulating discussions on

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Remote Team Coaching and Collective Leadership Webinar 07/07/20

Julia Rowan delivered the ‘Remote Team Coaching and Collective Leadership’ webinar for Sheridan Resolutions today.  Some of the snippets for leaders: Connect with the reality of what’s happening on the team – even if it’s messy.  Acknowledging reality grounds the team and allows them to shift to a better conversation. When teams explore what their

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