Sheridan Online

Sheridan Online offers our clients a best-in-class Learning Experience Platform, bringing together tool and techniques in all digital learning growth areas:

  • Blended learning
  • video-based and interactive learning
  • microlearning
  • user-generated content
  • peer and social learning
  • virtual classrooms
  • coaching and expert-led activities
  • learner engagement and performance support
  • content authoring and analytics

Sheridan Online – a ‘Core Leader’ in Digital Learning.

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“Sheridan Online
Our SmartLab platform provides all the characteristics of a state-of-the-art LXP in an easy to use single platform for learners and administrators.”

A technology platform we trust to deliver

Programme timeline

The learning path dashboard displays general and personal, current and upcoming activities, assignments and events in a clear and easy-to-use way.

Webinars e.g. Conversations for for high performance

Facilitated virtual sessions are bookable via Sheridan Online

Nudge coaching

Personal 1-1 sessions with a coach to support the personal development.
Bookable via Sheridan Online

Interactive / LinkedIn learning

Learning libraries with sequenced or self-directed learning content and suggestions on e.g. giving and receiving feedback, creating PDPs, self-awareness.

Learning community

Access to programme participants, coaches/mentors throughout the programme where everyone can share and contribute.

Learning Teams

Engaging participants cohort in teamwork and collaboration on shared activities and assignments throughout the programme.

Motivation and Rewards

Sheridan Online captures learning preferences and delegate progress; automated feedback and rewards, enhances delegate commitment and engagement.

Communication and Nudges

Automated communication and nudges around learning progress and community activities drives delegate participation and confidence.

SmartLab data and metrics

SmartLab provides real-time reporting and analytics across a wide range of data sets to understand program effectiveness.

Real-time programme insights

With Sheridan Online’s built-in reporting tools you can quickly and easily assess the current state and engagement across the programme in one easy visual interface.

Assigning multiple administrators allows you to share insights instantly for frequent reviews and continuous collaborative planning.

Detailed progress analytics

Sheridan Online provides reports on all aspects of the programme,, from statistical overviews to deep insights. Dive into progress of programme participants, review ongoing engagement and identify areas and of development.

Flexible data analysis

Regardless of how you have configured your learning communities, journey and experiences, with Sheridan Online you can export all data sets for further investigation in whatever application or tool you typically use.


On Demand Mentoring with

We are delighted to announce our partnership with PushFar a world-leading mentoring and technology company helping organisations and businesses to set up, scale and manage mentoring schemes in a really effective, simple and valuable way. Things like mentor matching and mentor management used to be resource-heavy and manual tasks for HR directors. With PushFar, that is all gone. You can set up a mentoring programme in minutes, with your own customisable questions, reporting, branding and much more. Understand which of your employees are mentoring each other, how often they are meeting, when they are setting up tasks and goals too.


Learn and Grow

Sheridan’s Learn and Grow platform is where our online and blended ILM qualifications are delivered:

  • Leadership and Management

  • Coaching and Mentoring

The ethos is simple – learning is personal

Our Learning Library has been carefully designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We work with industry experts and leading eLearning content development partners to provide an extensive range of high-quality courses that will meet every business requirement. All courses are curated and maintained to ensure they contain the very latest legislation, information and best practice in an engaging style and format that will ensure learning sticks.

Animated whiteboard style video • Expanded interactive learning • Knowledge checks • Assessments • Case studies • Infographics • Fact sheets • Workbooks

Each resource is expertly designed to promote workplace productivity by making learning convenient, accessible and relevant.