According to our lead article in this week’s Sheridan Weekly, the first lesson of leadership is: “What got you promoted won’t help you now”. Add in the disruptive power of technology, stoking the fastest-ever pace of business change and the inadequacy of yesterday’s successes becomes very clear.

Employees are also stepping up to leadership roles at much earlier stages in their careers. They’re under pressure to simultaneously drive strategy, perform functional responsibilities, and develop their personal leadership style. These new leaders are crying out for executive coaching, both individually and in the way they work with others in the executive team.

The latter is why, here at Sheridan Resolutions, we’re very excited about our forthcoming 2019 Breakfast Summit Series aimed at HR thought leaders and senior business decision-makers. The first of these, later this month, will deal with Team Coaching, particularly focusing on helping senior teams to work more effectively together.

The key speaker at that event will be Ty Francis, an expert on the concept of systemic team coaching. We want you to have a clear set of practical ideas as to next steps. So for each event in the Sheridan Resolutions Breakfast Summit Series we will also produce a Thought Leadership Paper to help reinforce key learnings, as well as using it to stimulate wider discussion on each topic.

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Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions