There are two outstanding articles on Executive Coaching in one of our recent editions of the Coaching and Mediation Weekly, both of which zone in on the need to look at the wider context to which it is applied.


Our lead article points out that there is often a large gap between what we expect from executives and what’s available to help them to develop the attributes and skills necessary. Executive coaching is there to fill that gap and unlock the potential, yet only around one-third of organisations make use of it in developing people for executive roles.


Most organisations continue to rely upon customised training and developmental job assignments as the foundation of their leadership development approach. But executive coaching can be far more effective as part of an overall strategy rather than a standalone.


Our second article is about a different type of integration: the importance of mindfulness training in making the most of executive coaching. But since many executive coaches and leadership development specialists are not also specialists in mindfulness, important opportunities may be missed. While executives may benefit from pursuing meditation as a freestanding stress-management strategy, their development could be bolstered by vigorously integrating the two approaches.