There’s an excellent lead article in this week’s Coaching & Mediation Weekly on a much under-discussed benefit of executive coaching – increased diversity.
Many organisations talk well about diversity, but far fewer deliver well. Yet executive coaching can show not just the coachees, but also organisations that employ them, exactly what individuals are capable of in the long-term. And it is immensely powerful in developing the career ambitions and potential of groups previously under-represented in senior management roles.

The ability to help coachees to stretch their imagination and increase their self-belief is so valuable – and is much needed. Current estimates suggest that women hold less than a quarter of FTSE 100 directorships, while the figures are far poorer among the ethnic minorities. Working with those from diverse backgrounds helps to give them the confidence they need to approach their careers from a new angle, with a momentum that can carry them further within a company than they may have previously thought possible.

One clear conclusion, however, from our lead article, is a diversity mind set must begin at the top – a strong commitment to an inclusive culture is an imperative if executive coaching is to flourish.

We’re also delighted this week to highlight the City HR Annual conference on November 9th –and its theme “Making the World of Work better for employees”. City HR’s mission is to provide its members with the tools, research, best practice documents and expertise to support the challenges facing their businesses, through knowledge-sharing, training and peer networking aimed at professionals at all levels and across all areas of HR.

The conference is well worth a visit – click here for more details.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions