It’s UK Mediation Awareness Week– and at Sheridan Resolutions we’re delighted to support, promote and celebrate all the events taking place from 8th to 14th October.

The mediation of disputes can provide solutions which meet the needs of all parties, cost much less than litigation, are dealt with more speedily, avoid disruption to business, remove the debilitating effects of conflict and can restore professional and personal relationships.

As regular readers of the Coaching & Mediation Weekly and our blogs will know, disputes in the business workplace cost billions of pounds per annum in legal and other fees. Indirect costs to organisations and individuals in terms of disruption, loss of productive time and reputational risks are incalculable.

Even the simplest dispute can take a long time to reach a court decision and requires a significant input of time from all litigants, with the consequences of ‘losing’ serious for both business and individuals. Private sector companies and individuals have much to gain by intervening early in conflict situations though using mediation. Public sector organisations can also benefit from massive savings in time and money.

UK Mediation Awareness Week will provide an opportunity to understand the benefits of mediation across all walks of life and is supported and promoted by the Civil Mediation Council, the London Community Mediation Council, the Family Mediation Council, the Law Society, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the College of Mediators, the Business Mediation Group and the Supporting Careers in Mediation Advocacy.

Events (some of them shown in this newsletter) will include conferences, seminars, mock mediations, talks and debates involving all aspects of mediation. Come and join our celebration! You can find out more about Mediation Awareness Week here and share updates on social media using #UKMAW2016.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions