New Sheridan Whitepaper on Team Coaching!

We’re delighted to showcase our whitepaper on Team Coaching. Team coaching is moving rapidly up the agenda of businesses we work with. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has identified it as the single biggest area of coaching growth over the last decade.

White Paper – The Power of Team Coaching Aug19 FINAL

It fits in with our values at Sheridan Resolutions. We often talk about reasserting humanity in an era of disruption. To do this in the workplace in practice means that businesses must find and embed better ways for individuals to work positively and more effectively with one another within their own teams – and for those teams to work more effectively with other teams.

Key issues addressed in this whitepaper on team coaching include the impact on performance, on leadership and on how teams collaborate both internally and externally. And it’s important as well to remember that a great executive coach is not necessarily the same thing as a great team coach – we help readers understand what separates the best from the rest.

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