Team Coaching Podcast – have a listen!

Welcome to our very first Sheridan Resolutions podcast! We’ve picked Team Coaching as our first subject … read here what it’s about and have a listen to the audio at the bottom of this article …

Team coaching is emerging as a major area of interest for organisations everywhere. The International Coach Federation (ICF) has identified it as the single biggest area of coaching growth over the last decade – and it is not hard to see why.

At Sheridan Resolutions, we often talk about reasserting humanity in an era of disruption. To do this in the workplace in practice means that businesses must find and embed better ways for individuals to work positively and more effectively with one another within their own teams – and for those teams to work more effectively with other teams.

This is easier said than done. Teams are changing and the coaching response needs to change too. This means understanding what we mean by “team coaching”, as distinct from other terms, such as team building, team development and others. It also means identifying the common factors underlying successful team coaching, all of which we have looked at in this podcast.

There are many scenarios in which team coaching be used, such as coaching existing teams, new teams, teams facing new challenges or teams taking time out to reflect. In addition, systemic team coaching – which looks at the connections between teams – is growing rapidly in importance for many businesses.

Key considerations addressed in this podcast on team coaching include the impact on performance, on leadership and on how teams collaborate both internally and externally. And it’s important as well to remember that a great executive coach is not necessarily the same thing as a great team coach – this podcast seeks to help listeners understand what separates the best from the rest.

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