It’s been a great January for us with our debut in the esteemed publication The Parliamentary Review. Sheridan Resolutions features alongside the Prime Minister and a small number of outstanding organisations looking back on the year in the legal sector and Westminster.

The Parliamentary Review is sent to over half a million leading policy makers, stakeholders in industry and other relevant individuals. The articles in the Review act as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform. It’s executive director Daniel Yossman, told us: “Sheridan Resolutions and other hardworking organisations from across the country have come together to make the Review possible … It’s always a real joy to hear from policy makers who tell me that something they have read in the Review has had an effect on their thinking. It is my belief that innovation is contagious, if only it is given the platform to spread.”

We couldn’t agree more. We believe that business today relies increasingly on innovation as the bedrock of its success – and that many organisations are not prepared when faced with the disruptive innovation of others. As a result, more businesses are taking proactive steps not just to survive, but to thrive from disruption to their established methods and markets.

The modern challenge is to find innovative forms of leadership that guarantee business success. We are all about the reassertion of humanity in leadership and team performance. Coaching new leadership styles is critical for leading the human side of change and converting scepticism or resistance into receptiveness and commitment.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions