I wanted to take the opportunity of this week’s editorial to thank everyone involved in last week’s Civil Mediation Council (CMC)  event – “Save Time, Save Money, Save Stress: Make Mediation Work for You” – an event that highlighted an upsurge of interest in workplace mediation.

The speakers and panellists all made wonderful contributions – as can be seen in this week’s lead article in this special issue. And all the feedback during and after the event shows it to have been an outstanding success. Mediation is achieving an accelerated rate of momentum as a means of addressing workplace disputes.

What our audience wanted – and got – were the arguments and strategies in favour of its adoption and the confidence to anticipate and address the most likely challenges to its introduction. We are also seeing a dramatic shift in thinking from a mere acceptance of the benefits of mediation in the abstract, towards a desire from delegates for a more practical understanding. In particular, around how to convince employers to use mediation as an integrated part of their conflict resolution offer.

These are exciting times for mediation – and so naturally I’m also extremely delighted to have been appointed to the board of the Civil Mediation Council, effective 8th February. The CMC’s values of excellence, innovation and growth, informed debate and openness and inclusion are values that we all hold dear. I look forward to helping CMC continue to pursue its mission of “inspiring all sectors of society to use mediation when managing and resolving disputes.”

Caroline Sheridan, Board member of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC); Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group; and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions