At Sheridan Resolutions we were delighted to support recently the Civil Mediation Council event “Resolving Conflict: Putting Mediation First”.

As regular readers of the Sheridan Weekly and our blogs will know, disputes in the business workplace cost billions of pounds. And indirect costs to individuals can include mental health challenges and the disruption of previously settled work and life patterns. The CMC event has so many takeaways and here, in brief, are mine …

  1. Deal with workplace problems early
  2. Foster dignity and respect in the workplace
  3. Equip managers to have soft skills to deal with bullying harassment complaints
  4. Be mindful of power games – and how these can impact equality
  5. Keep processes flexible and do not let these become more important than the outcome
  6. Attempt informal resolution first
  7. Identify unacceptable behaviours at work
  8. Ensure and respect confidentiality
  9. Focus on the behaviour, not the individual

Awareness is growing that the mediation of disputes can provide solutions which meet the needs of all parties, cost much less than litigation, are dealt with more speedily, avoid disruption to business. And at least as importantly, it can remove the debilitating effects of conflict and restore professional and personal relationships.