The case for strong professional relationships

Companies that enjoy a high-performance workplace, we have found at Sheridan Resolutions, have something in common: a culture that encourages inclusion, collaboration and teamwork. Recent articles in the Sheridan Weekly and iremind me that it’s difficult to foster this culture unless professional relationships are strong and respectful, with a pro-active approach to mediation whenever conflict arises. Disagreements between

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Mediation enters a new age

Our thanks to M&G Investments for their recent support for the CMC (Civil Mediation Council) for our “Bullying and Sexual Harassment: Can Mediation help?” conference as we built on the success of the CMC’s Workplace and Employment group’s “Save Time, Save Money, Save Stress” mediation conferences last year. Much has been written recently about bullying

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Emotion – the source and salvation of workplace challenges

It's so important to understand the role that emotions play in the workplace. When employees turn to a mediator to help resolve their legal disputes, they bring not only evidence but also emotions with them. Workplace conflict that leads to anxiety in one employee may promote anger in another – everyone is different. Deciding whether or

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