Sheridan Resolutions March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter.  It's grey and damp outside but we can still see the first signs of Spring and for many in our world there are both personal and professional reasons to be optimistic for the year ahead.  It may even be possible to go on holiday somewhere warm! 2021

Resolving Conflict: Putting Mediation First

At Sheridan Resolutions we were delighted to support recently the Civil Mediation Council event “Resolving Conflict: Putting Mediation First”. As regular readers of the Sheridan Weekly and our blogs will know, disputes in the business workplace cost billions of pounds. And indirect costs to individuals can include mental health challenges and the disruption of previously

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Lloyd’s Learning Week: Sheridan Resolutions Associates shine …

It was so great for Sheridan Resolutions to be invited to run “Nip Conflict in the Bud and Strengthen Workplace Relationships” at Lloyd’s Learning Week. Lloyd’s Learning Week, for those who don’t know, is in its third year and combines the best of strengths in technical training and professional skills development to reach the whole

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

At Sheridan Resolutions, we’re really excited about the next event in our 2019 Breakfast Summit Series aimed at HR thought leaders and senior business decision-makers. This event, later this month, will deal with “Conflict Resolution in the Workplace”. At this breakfast, we will lead an interactive discussion on the resolution of day-to-day and high-profile confrontations at

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The case for strong professional relationships

Companies that enjoy a high-performance workplace, we have found at Sheridan Resolutions, have something in common: a culture that encourages inclusion, collaboration and teamwork. Recent articles in the Sheridan Weekly and iremind me that it’s difficult to foster this culture unless professional relationships are strong and respectful, with a pro-active approach to mediation whenever conflict arises. Disagreements between

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