Companies that enjoy a high-performance workplace, we have found at Sheridan Resolutions, have something in common: a culture that encourages inclusion, collaboration and teamwork.

Recent articles in the Sheridan Weekly and iremind me that it’s difficult to foster this culture unless professional relationships are strong and respectful, with a pro-active approach to mediation whenever conflict arises. Disagreements between employees can seem like a little local difficulty, but unless tackled quickly, can spread to have a negative impact on corporate culture and, ultimately, the employer brand. To have even two employees in conflict can become problematic for an entire organisation.

If your organisation has the aspiration to be the best, or at least as good as it can be, then remember this: what’s important is not just bringing in mediation to tackle conflict when the damage is already done. It is in fostering a culture to strengthen professional and respectful relationships to minimise conflict – and acting quickly to settle a dispute if it arises.

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Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions