It’s important to focus on the danger of wilfully ignoring the obvious.

It is clear that workplace mediation fills a huge void in the world of employee-employer relations. That void is the inability to achieve quick resolutions to employee complaints.

Organisations are burdened with policies, procedures and personalities that, despite all good intentions, wreak havoc. Unresolved issues drive up costs, require additional time commitments and create workplace hostility.

To wilfully ignore the mood of the workforce more generally seems incomprehensible, yet that is exactly what another of our articles suggests is happening in the case of the annual employee engagement survey.

These are meant to help CEOs gauge employee loyalty and shape company culture. Incredibly, fewer than 2% of CEOs in the US look at these survey results more than once. What a waste of valuable information on the engagement levels and talent needs of an organisation – and another void to be avoided.

Caroline Sheridan

Founder and owner of Sheridan Resolutions – experts in executive coaching, supervision, leadership development and mediation.