At Sheridan Resolutions, we’re very excited about our forthcoming 2019 Breakfast Summit Series aimed at HR thought leaders and senior business decision-makers. The first of these, later this month, will deal with Team Coaching, particularly focusing on helping senior teams to work more effectively together. The key speaker at that event will be Ty Francis, an expert on the concept of systemic team coaching.

Team coaching is so important – it involves a single coach working with a group of managers or executives. This gives members of the group the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities. And by partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, the coach can introduce new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance as a whole. One aspect of this, better collaboration, is featured in today’s Sheridan Weekly.

Team coaching is on the increase. It can be confused with team facilitation, offsite away-days, etc. We want you to have a clear set of practical ideas as to next steps. So for each event in the Sheridan Resolutions Breakfast Summit Series we will also produce a Thought Leadership Paper to help reinforce key learnings, as well as using it to stimulate wider discussion on each topic.

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Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions