I spent a wonderfully reflective day recently with fellow Henley peer supervisors. I felt very nourished and appreciative of the time we spent looking at our respective coaching practices through each other’s eyes.

Coaching supervision is a rapidly growing area, as one our articles this week shows, and our day of sharing observations and knowledge reinforced to me why reflection about it is so important, not just in this area but in so many other areas of life. As our stores in the Coaching & Mediation Weekly show, the science behind reflection is conclusive. We know instinctively that we learn from experience and mistakes and now research is showing us that without reflection, learning doesn’t really happen.

Reflection helps us to make small but significant steps to doing things better next time. It also drives self-awareness among leaders and managers, which in turn allows them to walk the tightrope between leadership conviction and the humility they need to show to take on board new ideas and innovations.

At Sheridan Resolutions, we have been reflecting too on the work we have – we’re putting together case study stories in leadership and management development. If you want to be part of the set of stories we will tell here about the work we have done, do get in touch with me on caroline@dev.sheridanresolutions.com.