It’s important to focus on leadership development – and in particular the attitudes of leaders themselves to development programmes. A recent Korn Ferry survey showed that many respondents cited a “lack of executive sponsorship” as a stumbling block to progress, even though most do not feel at all confident that their organisation has the right leadership capabilities in place to execute on business priorities.

The paradox is that some CEOs and other executives unwittingly standing in the way of their own development. This is down to not only financial resource issues – the article says – but also ownership and accountability. At Sheridan Resolutions we would add self-awareness to this list. The decisions leaders reach themselves through greater self-awareness are usually the most accurate, relevant and achievable. Our team helps leaders, top teams and organisations to use self-awareness, amongst other tools, to unlock obstacles to progress, maximise potential and deliver real, measureable value.

Therefore, the CEO and his or her team should be working on their mindset around leadership development as well as the development itself. Talent development is very much a joint journey of developing self-awareness, not a “to do” list item managed separately.

To achieve desired results, the article concludes, leadership development must be led by the CEO, and top leadership must continually send direct messages about its importance, model the right behavior, and remain engaged every step of the way.