Many of us were saddened recently to learn of the passing of our good friend Dr Peter Sweeney. Peter, to me personally, was a shoulder to lean on at crucial moments in my life. He had a heart of gold and was devoted to the family to whom our thoughts are devoted today.

He was also an integral part of Saracens Rugby Club as the club’s GP. He will be missed by all there – and by anyone else with the good fortune to have come across him. As the club put it so well in their own words on his passing: “Nothing was too much trouble and we will always remember his kindness and willingness to go out of his way to provide support and care to anyone in the Saracens family.” Well said – Peter was a selfless, kind and caring person in all the other areas of his life. His willingness to go the extra mile was an inspiration to all.

Peter had bowel cancer and lived less than a year from diagnosis. His passing has made me reflect on how suddenly things can change. Because they do, we should all take the time to pause, reflect and just appreciate the people and things that we have – and to make the most of every day with them. While the future is of course important, it is the present that really, really matters.

So take the time to ring someone close who you haven’t spoken to for a few weeks. And be kind, say hello and help someone you don’t know at all. I’m proud that the values we hold dear within our team of coaches here at Sheridan Resolutions seek to reflect the support we know Peter gave professional colleagues, clients, friends and strangers alike in during times of crisis.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions

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