The stories in our Sheridan Weekly show that the key to helping business leaders realise their full potential is to strengthen professional relationships and create high-performing workplaces. To do this, any focus on leadership development, team performance, executive coaching and mediation services has to focus on attempting to maintain and improve the fabric of workplace relationships.

This is increasingly difficult in the face of disruptive innovation. Business today relies increasingly on innovation as the bedrock of its success and many organisations are not prepared when faced with the disruptive innovation of others. As a result, more businesses are taking proactive steps not just to survive, but to thrive from disruption to their established methods and markets.

It’s so important to understand the threat and impact of disruptive innovation. Even in the face of seismic change, it’s still possible for leaders to flourish through their humanity.

Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions