A fantastic lead article in the Coaching and Mediation Weekly recently. Many leaders, it says, think something is only worth doing if the numbers add up and the price is right. The author talks about a situation where his business was left with a straight fight between reputation and revenue. He says: “Our big client didn’t share any of [our] values with us. Further, he was overly harsh with his team members and set unrealistic expectations. Our weekly status meetings with him became sources of dread because it didn’t matter how well the previous week went; it was never good enough.”

Many have faced such dilemmas with clients or colleagues in the workplace and some enlightened organisations are now doing something about it. To put reputation before revenue is a core Sheridan Resolutions value and we’re now beginning work with a leading insurer on a programme around ethics, conduct and leading with integrity. And recently I attended an excellent seminar in ethics run by STEPS Drama, which brought alive the whole subject for me.


The story in our lead article had a happy ending. The owner of the business quickly realized that if he put revenue first, there didn’t seem to be much of a point in having principles. If he sacrificed our core values in the name of profit, how could his team ever respect him or his values again? The decision became easy — they walked away from the client.

I’d love to hear about what integrity means to you? Email me on caroline@dev.sheridanresolutions.com and let me know!