We recognise that an organisation is only as successful as its people.

Leaders today are now balancing the need to make the organisation more human whilst at the same time adapting to new technology and the pace of change.

We help your leaders and future leaders develop to be better equipped in dealing with today’s changing world.

Are your leaders equipped for the new era of leadership?

Whether it is cultural and transformational change, developing talent and/or preparing leaders to be their very best we help our clients build highly inclusive workforces where wellbeing and inclusion are at the centre.

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Culture, transformation and change

Your Culture

We work with you to shape your organisation’s purpose, culture and leadership capability to support the successful delivery of your strategic priorities:

  • Bringing to life your organisation’s purpose and direction.
  • Identifying the culture you aspire to, and what changes are required to achieve this.
  • Focusing on the emotions that underpin the desired culture, the supporting values & behaviours.
  • Delivering solutions that help shape how people think and feel about your organisation.
  • Developing a leadership capability profile to lead and integrate change.
  • Providing mentoring & coaching to support the change, providing guidance on policy and practise.
  • Creating supporting analytics so you can measure the progress being made.

We recognise that your culture is critical to the ongoing success of your business – it is what attracts and retains your customers and employees

We adapt our offering to your needs – as we know that every organisation’s culture is different.

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Understand your change culture

Understanding how ready and receptive your organisation will be to change is critical to ensuring the success of any transformation work you want to complete.
Working with you we can complete a thorough assessment of your organisation’s readiness; captured via a series of targeted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, combined with anonymous online feedback across varying levels within the organisation. All completed over a 2 week period.
The review provides rich insights into nuances, behaviours and characteristics that shape the change culture of an organisation – the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.
It is an immersive and interactive way of gaining insights which goes beyond delivering surface-level information. We then take you through the comprehensive findings.
We know that every change journey is different and needs to be adapted to each organisation’s needs.

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Transformation and change

We believe that how you manage transformation and change will determine your organisation’s future and how your brand is perceived, both internally and externally regardless of scale.

With your support, we take the information gained from ‘change culture review ’ and develop an ‘organisational readiness’ approach for future change and transformation programmes.

This includes looking at your current business model, the organisational design and approach required to support it, the leadership capability needed, and the skills, knowledge and experience required within your organisation.

We will be able to show how your organisation implements and responds to change, and also assess your organisational readiness for future transformation. This information can then be built into your ongoing recruitment and development initiatives and reflected in your policies and approach.

This is underpinned by our understanding of organisational psychology, and the factors that inform decision-making; we can also use an assessment programme that reveals how you can improve delivery on current and future change and talent initiatives.
We know that organisations are not just focused on the present; they are also planning for the future.

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Measure and develop psychological readiness for change

Research shows that the psychological capital individuals have is a crucial indicator of how they will respond to change, both personally and professionally.

We work with you via an online digital survey to assess this across the different groups in your organisation, helping you understand which elements you need to focus on improving and where, to ensure that you have enhanced levels of readiness for change.

In addition, we can help you create individual and team development programmes to enhance your organisation’s readiness for change, and work with you to integrate this into your current policies and processes.

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Your leadership capability

Effective leadership is key to the ongoing success of your organisation.

Working with you we can complete a leadership framework for you to integrate into your recruitment and development initiatives.

We draw on the latest tools to help you know the key emotional intelligence characteristics associated with top performance in your organisation, to create targeted individual and team development plans for current and future projects.

We complement our offering by also being able to provide Coaching & Mentoring support at all levels within your organisation.

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Talent, leadership and inclusion

Given the pressures on a modern leader, businesses need to give their top people the time to think about their development and the space to make good decisions for the benefit of themselves and the organisation. To face new challenges requires resilience, courage and clear vision. To give leaders the opportunity to allow the talented people underneath them to develop their repertoire of skills and abilities clearly maximises their own performance and impact.

Leadership Development Audit
Sheridan Resolutions has helped many organisations accelerate the development of teams and individuals. Our experts take the time to understand your organisation’s culture and apply the most appropriate assessments to elicit significant insights. A typical leadership development audit and review process will draw on our experience as qualified users of a wide range of psychometric tools:

  • 360° feedback tailored via verbal and/or written questionnaire
  • Strengths assessment tests such as Realise 2, Strength Deployment Indicator and StrengthScope;
  • Personality tests such as SHL OPQ32, SHL motivation styles, the Saville Wave test, Hogan personality inventories, Myers Briggs (Steps I and II)
  • Emotional intelligence tests including BarOn EQi and EQ360 and OPP 16PF and interpersonal relations, e.g. OPP Firo B;
  • Ability and Development tests including Watson Glaser, SHL Ability/Motivation Styles and SHL Perspectives on Management Competencies, the Hogan Development Survey and HBRI to look at tactical and strategic thinking;
  • Creativity and Innovation, e.g. Me2 Creativity Tool, OPP Innovation Potential

We tailor our audits to suit your needs to identify themes, strengths, opportunities for growth and potential derailers to support a developmental plan for each coachee and their manager.

Inclusion, Neurodiversity and Innovation
Led by our team of D&I and neuro-diversity experts, we support teams to embrace a deeper understanding of inclusive leadership and of the actions which they can take to create inclusive team cultures. At the heart of our approach is a felt experience of inclusion and exclusion to use as an anchor to motivate and remind individuals of its importance in all its aspects. We expose delegates to different scenarios to help them confront their own assumptions, behaviours and biases. And also then enable them to put plans in place to recognise and mitigate those so that they leave feeling motivated and able to contribute to the organisational Inclusion agenda.

Women In Leadership
Our faculty is expert in delivering female leadership programmes. We support women to think about their style, approach and confidence in the workplace and provide insight and guidance on how best to get to where they want to be. As part of our work, we provide PDP planning support, one-to-one coaching and/or mentoring to focus on specific needs as well as utilising tools to gain insight as to how best to interact with colleagues and behavioural styles to address.

Coaching for Leaders programme
Our Coaching for Leaders programme aims to build leadership coaching capability that delivers engagement, high performance and team effectiveness.

The facilitator teams offer a blend of tailored options for designing these in consultation with the programme sponsor. Team-building activities may be included and/or questionnaires, including psychometrics as appropriate.

Follow-through on actions is key and the facilitator will discuss what would be most appropriate to ensure the day(s) are a success.

Coaching and mentoring

On demand coaching

Sheridan.Coach offers our clients high-quality coaching anytime, anywhere. Access our global faculty of coaches, all of them handpicked by us. It’s as easy as Search + Book + Go.

Search our database of 200+ coaches from around the world using keywords to find the expertise you are looking for

Book a 60-minute coaching conversation from a range of time and date options that get synced to your calendar

Go means quick and secure access to a virtual coach; we understand that your time is at a premium, therefore, speed and convenience combined with quality is what counts

Track progress against coaching goals and tasks, run reports from our insights dashboard giving you real-time visibility across multiple coaching engagements

We offer a comprehensive coaching service, through a Coaching Faculty made up of associates with a wide range of experience in a variety of business sizes, sectors and geographies. Our coaches work at all levels, including board level, with a clear and simple pricing strategy for each level.

Executive coaching brings improved levels of performance to existing and future roles; accelerates high potential; manages stress, change, conflict or crisis; and acts as a confidential sounding board for sensitive and strategic management issues. In today’s fast-moving world, we are not always able to make time to stand back, reflect and see the bigger picture and yet everything we do starts with thinking. One-to-one coaching enables self-reflection and therefore ensures decisions and actions are considered. This in turn means that outcomes are positive for both coaches and sponsor organisation.

Our coaching offering ranges from targeted short duration to longer six to twelve-month programmes. All are supported by a three or four-way contracting process to agree on scope and objectives. We offer a 360-feedback structure (verbal and on-line) and our team of psychologists support us by debriefing only those instruments which have the most value for our clients, such as Hogan, MBTI Step 1 and 11, EQi 360, SDI, or Wave.

‘Jumpstart’ Onboarding: Supporting the smooth arrival of new hires so they land well.

Peak performance: Facilitating development and action planning to maximise potential

Transition: Supporting people in their move into a new role internally or externally, including NEDs, Board appointments, portfolio and self-employment.

Re-integration: Supporting people transition back into the workplace after a leave of absence.

Crisis: Bringing specialist psychological support at difficult times to help individuals return to work, manage overwhelm and/or overcome fears and anxieties

Developing as a coach – coach qualifications and reflective practice
We offer coach qualification training and development, contact us to find out more.

Coaches need to be able to develop their skills, just like anybody else. Whether a coach has a specific issue or a more general challenge, it is important to facilitate the development of skills, techniques and strategies and ensure high professional and ethical standards. It also supports the deepening of a coach’s own self-reflective ability to develop and improve. We bring extensive experience, knowledge of techniques and fresh perspectives for all levels of coaching.

Nudge coaching clinics
Supporting individuals with one-off coaching sessions of 50 minutes’ duration
Our coaches work on-site or virtually to deliver impact coaching sessions enabling more people to benefit and to access coaching on an as-needed basis

Coaching and Leadership Circles
We combine the power of mentoring with elements of coaching and action learning to inspire people to connect, share experiences and support learning.

Team performance

The purpose of team performance is to drive both individual and collective excellence. A move towards team-based leadership usually requires coaching new leadership styles. Team members need to know how and when to relinquish control and, in so doing, to show respect for the differing perspectives and approaches of those who work for them. This helps keep all levels within the team motivated. We support leaders in understanding how to create high performing teams in a range of situations:

  • Existing teams – with the potential to perform better.
  • New teams – maybe new or reshaped in terms of remit or personnel.
  • Existing teams facing new challenges – to facilitate diversity of thinking and approach in facing business or market challenges or disruptive change.
  • Existing teams stepping back to reflect – to improve effectiveness. They’re not broken or new, but just need to recalibrate.

Team coaching
A focus on team coaching to include a wider systemic lens allows our facilitators to work with standalone teams as well as address the connections between teams, helping leadership to engage all stakeholders in the transformation of the business. The coach helps different teams in the organisation, as well as teams from the wider stakeholder community, work more effectively together.

Conversations and Dialogue to engage and empower managers and leaders
We provide a series of modular workshops with follow-up designed to provide the skills and techniques to conduct effective regular dialogues that will engage and develop your key individuals. Delegates learn how to ‘get under the bonnet’ to connect for better engagement, performance and unlocking potential, thereby creating a growth mindset and culture.

We offer short, focused inputs on selected topics, with lots of practice and experiential learning. To keep the programme practical and relevant there are options for delegates to work with each other on real issues and/or scenario-based, using actors as appropriate. Click here to find out more about our Engaging Conversations programme.

Mentoring for Growth
Sheridan Resolutions provides both mentor and mentee programmes as we recognise they can add value to both parties. As a mentor, sharing your experiences and wisdom with a mentee gives a positive feeling of worth. For the mentee, tapping into the knowledge and practices of a senior individual can add perspective and help shape your thinking about your career path.

As we recognise the time pressures in working life, we also facilitate speed mentoring events which run for 2 – 3 hours. Run in a similar format to speed dating, participants are focused in getting to the point and the suggested advice more quickly, and are able to meet with multiple mentors and mentees in one session.

Thrive to Perform
To thrive in an ever-changing world, organisations must be aligned, agile, and resilient. By aligning culture with transformational goals, we develop leaders who inspire and engage their teams and mitigate risk by helping people embrace and navigate change to better cope with life’s unexpected challenges and opportunities. Delivered one to one and in small groups, we work with our clients to help people develop their mind-set using a strengths-based approach so that they are able to thrive on change rather than let it diminish them or their place in the team.

Certified ILM Programmes
We deliver a range of leadership and management, coaching and mentoring courses and qualifications which enable people managers and leaders to gain ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) qualifications to Level 3, 5 and 7.

  • ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leading with Integrity
  • ILM Level 5 Certificate or Diploma Qualification in Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM Level 7 Certificate or Diploma Qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM Levels 3, 5 and 7 in Leadership and Management

We also deliver short one and two-day bespoke programmes tailored to your needs, which can be endorsed by the ILM. Email us to find out how.

Resolution and mediation

Every business encounters disagreement from time to time, it usually means something needs to change and should be viewed as an opportunity. However when conflict does arise without the right supportive culture and approach managers and colleagues can find it difficult to deal with in the right way, at the right time and often without the requisite skills.

With the right conflict resolution framework and training, you can start to understand how to minimise the impact and take positive steps towards resolution and building the right culture. Our team of highly skilled mediators and facilitators are here to help.

We tailor our approach in partnership with you. Our team of L&D, HR and Conflict Resolution specialists are experts in their field and our programmes offer the full range of support and guidance you need.

Get in touch to discuss your current challenges, approach and ER climate.


“….. a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a neutral person actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement
of a dispute or difference, with the parties in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.”

Our Mediator Panel

Our mediators are all trained in advanced mediation techniques and have an extensive track record of resolving disputes quickly and effectively across all sectors. We only work with mediators with the very highest success rates in resolution. Over 90% of the mediations we
undertake lead to an agreement. Our mediators are registered with the Civil Mediation Council. Most are personally rated in legal directories including the Legal 500, Chambers UK and Who’s Who Legal Experts Guides.

We specialise in:

Workplace Mediation
Workplace mediation is there to repair professional relationships. Sometimes relationships at work can come under strain and when they do, mediation is often the best option. Our mediators have an extensive track record of resolving disputes quickly and effectively.

Commercial Mediation
Our high success rate is due to our tailored approach. We arrange pre-mediation contact at the earliest opportunity, to build rapport with parties and to coach parties, where useful, on the most effective means of presenting their views.

Team Facilitation/Mediation
We work with teams that need assistance in resolving issues such as understanding how to work more effectively together and/or how to resolve differing opinions on structural or strategic issues. Being external and neutral means we can help facilitate a focused, balanced and rational debate to get to a result that is best for the team involved and the business.

Conflict Coaching for individuals and teams

Our professional conflict coaches can serve as confidential listeners, to help individuals to see the situation from all perspectives,
support them in considering options, and help them come up with a plan of action to deal with the conflict. Conflict coaches can help their coachees rehearse a conversation so that they are prepared to enter into the conflict resolution discussion more confidently.

Resolution Consultancy Offering – 3 levels

Our approach to the consultation, design and sign off of any implementation will be to work in partnership with Directors, HR Leadership Development and Manager colleagues across the business to help you shape, build and deliver the programme ensuring it is fully aligned to your business.

Foundational level offering: – Basic Training & Awareness

Key Training Courses
Implementation Support
Continuous Professional Development
Resolution Skills
Sample Programme

Intermediate level offering – Resolution Advocates

Includes and builds on Foundation level offering

Resolution Advocates – who, what and how?
Mediation skills training
Triage skills
Sample Programme

Advanced level offering – Full-Service Offering

Includes and builds on Foundation and Advanced level offering

Five Steps to Resolution


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