I’m reading a great book at the moment called Connected Leadership: How to Build a More Agile, Customer-Driven Business by Simon Hayward. His explanation of why he wrote the book is our lead article – and basically he charts the changes from a time when there were a lot of ‘hero’ leaders around – people who took all the decisions and stifled the people around them in the process – to a new world in which things started to become a lot more unpredictable. Command-and-control leadership has started to fail us. And, rather than relying on people at the top of an organisation, we now need to devolve decision making across the business.

Connected Leadership shows leaders how they can create a more connected organisation that is better equipped to respond to the complex challenges they face today. By adopting the five key factors of connected leadership they will be able to:

– Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for the organisation

– Build a more open, transparent and authentic way of working

– Devolve decision making

– Encourage collaborative achievement

– Create an agile organisation

The reason we love this book is because these are the principles around which Sheridan Resolutions is based. We are known for bringing trust, excellence and integrity to everything we do – and it’s great to know that there are books around and doing well that articulate these principles clearly.