This week I want to highlight some great events I’m soon to attend, because to me they demonstrate a healthy “wind of change” blowing through mediation.
This week I’m going to the Mediators’ New Breakfast Club to hear Andrew Acland speak on “Process design in mediation and public dialogue – what can they learn from each other?” The answer will, I’m quite sure, be “a lot” and it will show us the huge value of seeing what mediation can achieve with the help of alternative perspectives.
A key characteristic of mediation is “flexibility” and as mediators we too need to resolve to show the flexibility to keep on listening and learning – and “reframe” mediation as a result whenever necessary. So next week I’m really looking forward to be being on a panel in my role as Chair of the Chair, Workplace and Employment (CMC) Group at “Reframing Resolution – Innovation and Change in the Management of Workplace Conflict” a one day event from the Work, Organisation and Employment Relations Research Centre (WOERRC) and Acas .
This conference, with Sir Brendan Barber as a keynote speaker, brings together leading academic researchers and practitioners at a time when mediation is clearly winning traction with many leaders and managers. The event will also celebrate the recent publication of the book Reframing Resolution and looks at the front-line challenges facing organizations and discusses the future potential of more integrated approaches. Click on the links above to join the “Reframing Resolution” event and order the book.
When mediation is fully integrated into the workplace, as the norm rather than as the exception, we will look back and be thankful that great events and publications like these significantly raised its profile along the way.
Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions