Why people should be at the heart of your business| 28/02/20

Simon Sinek, author of “Leaders Eat Last” states, “It is not the demands of the job that cause the most stress, but the degree of control workers feel they have throughout their day. The studies also found that the effort required by a job is not in itself stressful, but rather the imbalance between the effort we give and the reward we feel. Put simply: less control, more stress.”

So how should we take care of our employees? We could start by creating a working environment within which people are engaged and motivated; a place where they want to work. As a result, we improve productivity and reduce sick leave (according to the Office of National Statistics, in 2018 141.4 million working days were lost due to UK employees being absent).

Engaging with your employees makes them feel appreciated and valued. You shouldn’t just rely on your line managers to do this; it should come from all levels of the organisation. Create an inclusive culture than enables employees to feel empowered, respected and wanted. ‘Employee Engagement’ and ‘Well-being Policies’ are now commonplace in corporations across the globe, as they see the value that it can bring. In fact, Gallup reports that companies with high engagement scores perform better than their counterparts in key operational areas like productivity, absenteeism, turnover, safety and quality incidents, customer metrics, and profitability.

Providing employees with flexible benefits that enable them select health and wellness plans such as contributions to fitness equipment or clubs really does go a long way in boosting employee retention and output. Benefits go beyond reward and package schemes. Many benefits are also created within the workplace, such as working within an organisation that has set a clear vision and strategy. No one wants to work in a business that is running around in circles with no end game. Being clear on your vision and expectations means your people are all aligned and on the same path. Ensuring you have the right processes and systems in place also means that the day job for your employees is more efficient and therefore rewarding. Employees do not want to get bogged down by unnecessary red tape. Giving your employees the right skills and knowledge will also motivate and engage with them. By investing in capability development, not only will your teams be better equipped to do an outstanding job, but they also will exude confidence knowing they have been trained and feel valued as the organisation has invested in training for them.

So, put your people first. Your teams can either make or break your business, so make sure you have your employees at the heart of what you do, and that you are nurturing, caring, developing and investing in them by providing a work environment where people can thrive, grow and be happy.

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