“Would the 54 year-old me employ the 24 year-old me?” That’s the great question John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s asks himself every morning to keep inclusivity towards younger perspectives at the front of mind. I was so happy and proud for Sheridan Resolutions to hear John and many other inspirational people in supporting the “Leaders of Tomorrow” conference last week.

This was a very special day. Younger members had the opportunity to express their views on what they feel needs to happen within the London Insurance market firms to ensure it attracts the right individuals to satisfy changing customer demands and meet the future market challenges.

Look at the video of John Neal in this link or scroll down this week’s Sheridan Weekly. In it, he talks of the importance of putting inclusivity at the top of every boardroom agenda and floats the increasingly popular ideas of shadow young executive teams and reverse mentoring.

What I took away was the importance of creating time and space to keep checking in with one’s own inclusivity. This means communicating with bravery, listening to views from every possible source and, where necessary, taking bold decisions.

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Caroline Sheridan, Chair, Workplace and Employment CMC group and Founder of Sheridan Resolutions